Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is there a doctor in the house?

The words "I was sick" are kind of like the words "it got lost in the mail."
No one believes you.
Well, except your mom, of course.
But I'm going to try it anyway: The reason I didn't write a column this week is that I was sick.
I really was.
That's one nasty bug that's going around.
As I sit here Day 3 of this flu trying to get my act together enough to go to the office, I was wondering if there is something I could be doing, could have done to get better faster.
Anybody have any surefire remedies? (All they have to do is work half the time to be considered "surefire" by me!)
Also, are a lot of people out there sick?


Kelly Boyer Sagert said...

Well . . . I don't know how surefire this is, but my son was just down and out sick with strep throat. He was told to wash his hands, throw out old toothbrushes and so forth, and forgetting about kissing his mother for a while.

When I asked my doctor what I could do, prevention wise, I was told to wash my hands any chance that I got.

Speaking of prevention, I saw an article that talked about 5 tips to avoid getting sick. Or something like that. I'll see if it has any good stuff.

Kelly Boyer Sagert said...

Here's the link to the Prevention Magazine list of tips:


Loraine Ritchey said...

I know that Workshop Players had to cancel a rehearsal last night due to the bug ...seems cast and crew were ill and a week before opening night .

Not sure how long the virus or bacteria can live on a surface but I was told to either keep my gloves on or wipe down the handles of thopse shopping carts with an antibacterial gel.
Hope you all feel better soon