Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A new day dawns in Elyria

It's a little before midnight on election night in the newsroom.
Elyria voters not only passed the school levy, they passed it in a landslide.
Most of us couldn't be more surprised.
We've been reading the letters to the editor. People continued to complain about Elyria West. People continued to complain about higher taxes. People continued to accuse teachers and school administrators of having some sort of agenda.
It looked like it was going down for sure.
But, in hindsight, it looks as if the complainers were in the minority.
The rest of Elyria, the community that Elyria Schools Supt. Paul Rigda said he "couldn't be more proud of," went to the polls and voted for what was best for the city and its children.
While most in the newsroom were pessimistic, not all were. In fact, Shawn Foucher, the reporter who has been covering the levy campaign thought it would pass.
So did long-time reporter Cindy Leise. In fact, Cindy was offering up bets this week.
No one took her up on it.
I called my husband, who is a teacher at Cascade Elementary, tonight when the results came in.
"It passed!" I told him.
"The levy passed? Really?" he said.
"Everybody is going to be in such a good mood at school tomorrow," he said.
I think that beam on Rigda's face will be mirrored in a lot of faces tomorrow.
Congratulations, Elyria.
You made a lot of people happy.

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John Ettorre said...

Hi Patti,
I stumbled across your blog, and found it interesting and lively. Good for you, as a no doubt busy, even harried, newspaper ME, to take the time to do this, and thus experiment with the new medium and set an example for your staff. I think your doing it explains, at least in part, why the C-T has always had a reputation in Cleveland as a good, overachieving paper. I'll be continuing to read as long as you continue to write.