Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Same old, same old in Lorain

So we here at The Chronicle were all hoping that when Craig Foltin left office, it was the end of an era -- an era of getting our clock cleaned by the other paper on Lorain stories.
It was no secret that Foltin had no use for us and therefore spoon-fed all Lorain scoops to the other paper, leaving us -- time and time again -- running to catch up.
And now it appears the new mayor is up to the same old game.
You may have heard -- or read in the other paper -- that Lorain Safety Service Director Mike Kobylka is quitting to take another job.
Well, guess what? We have known about this for a little while but were honoring a promise we made to hold up on it until the job deal was finalized.
So, imagine our surprise when we opened the other paper this morning and there was the story. Silly, silly us.
Here. We. Go. Again.
The scuttlebutt on the street is that newly appointed mayor John Romoser urged/ordered/demanded that the other paper get the story first supposedly to get in the good graces of the hometown paper.
Hmmm. That's a little puzzling to me because the other paper has already endorsed his November opponent, Tony Krasienko. We haven't endorsed anyone.

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Loraine Ritchey said...

Patti, shaking my head again- I, for one, had hoped that whomever was Mayor would treat all media equally and that way the media would treat the officials equally …

The “liason” between an editor getting the scoop first leads in my opinion to “you scratch my back- I will scratch yours journalism”
and we have certainly seen that from TP(That Paper the Morning Journal).
Not only isn’t this the sort of behaviour and thinking I want to see from my public “servants” it is dangerous in my opinion and can cost us even more money as all powerful Cole and his “brilliant thinking” has led to expensive situations (Casino Chaos) just to name but one
John Cole and Co, is an editor of a newspaper not the King of Lorain but as long as there isn’t media democracy in Lorain then he is given power of control.

Mayor Romoser I certainly hope that the Chronicle is mistaken in their conclusion- I thought better of you Loraine