Thursday, July 10, 2008

Patti and the bachelor

Well, things have finally calmed down with our local-boy-makes-good story about Jesse Csincsak and The Bachelorette.
I got involved writing the story when Steve Fogarty, our entertainment go-to guy, couldn't watch it one night.
Then, a couple weeks later, he couldn't watch it again.
After seeing it twice, I was, gulp, hooked.
It's a dumb show and I yelled at the TV as much as the sports guys in the newsroom do when they are watching the Cavaliers but I watched anyway.
I'm pretty sure it's just because Jesse was involved. Although I never knew him, he was a year behind -- and a friend of -- my older son in high school.
He also happens to be my cousins' cousin.
So I had more than a casual interest.
I never thought he had a shot ... even when he was one of only two remaining.
But I did think he was the only one of all of them who wasn't the kind of gushy guy I would never want to go out with.
I got the interview with him that ran on Wednesday by calling his publicist -- "Everything has to go through my publicist," he told us -- as soon as DeAnna Pappas picked him.
I asked if I could talk to Jesse the next day and she hooked me up.
I didn't know until I got him on the phone that I had 10 minutes with him. Now, I don't know if you've ever interviewed anyone but 10 minutes isn't a lot of time.
Sure, it was time to ask all the questions I had prepared but it didn't leave a whole lot of time to write down his responses.
If I would have been smart, I would have recorded the conversation.
He's a nice guy. He really is. And as was his style on the show, he seemed to be really honest and forthright with his answers.
I'll be curious to see how the story ends.
Until then, I'm trying to get an invitation to a party he (his publicist) is having when he comes to Ohio later this summer.
If the "press" isn't invited, I told her I would just come as a regular person.
Wonder if she believes me when I say I can separate the two.

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Richard Negri said...

Hi Patti,
Though I found your blog by way of the Paper to get you the story on J&R Moving and Storage, I just read some of your stuff ... and I think I just might become a regular reader.

I too have a website/ blog... you should check it out at

All the best, and I hope you do use the story on J&R,

-Richard & Gwen Negri