Monday, December 04, 2006

Flood aftermath

Wow. There are a lot of people angry about the flooding in Lorain.
Getting water in your basement is bad enough but when it's sewer water, it is almost too much to take.
Does anyone know how many homes on the west side of Lorain were affected? We are trying to figure that out but the city doesn't even know.
I actually live in that area myself but my home wasn't affected. I'm not sure why ... maybe my home is up higher.
Let me know if you or someone you know had raw sewage backing up into his or her home -- and what they are doing about it.
Also, do you think the City of Lorain should be responsible for the cost of the cleanup?


scott bakalar said...

Hi Patti,
My wife who attended Monday night's Lorain City council meeting told me they were discussing 50 homes being effected - not sure if that figure includes the condos that were devastated, or just the single family units.

Governments first responsibility is the protection of its citizens.

At Monday's meeting they were debating charging 1% on a loan for homeowners to clean up and re-build so that Community Development could see some reimbursement for their time and effort in facilitating the loans - protection at a profit, huh? In the end, the loans will be made at 0% interest.

The effected Oak Point residents should have the means and the gumption to mount a serious litigation attempt against the City, and I hope they do.

The City of Lorain should be responsible, but unfortunately it will be you, your neighbors - me, my neighbors - our local family and friends that would pick up the tab, not the folks actually responsible.

We have sustained thousands and thousands of dollars in flood damage over 3 separate instances during 2004-2005. We haven't filed any claims with the City, not because we couldn't use the reimbursement - but because it would be the taxpayers paying for the incompetence and neglect of our elected leaders, rather than the elected leaders being accountable.

Patti Ewald said...

Thanks for the information, Scott. This morning the mayor told our reporter there were between 40 and 60 affected homes (hmmm, bingo for your wife, the reporter). Now we're working on pinpointing the locations on a map.
I live on Oak Hill Boulevard -- oh, so very close to the flooded homes. I'm not sure why I was spared but I am so sorry for those who weren't.
Do you live in my neighborhood?
Keep me posted if you hear anything else.