Friday, December 15, 2006

He's caving a little

We were out with Keith McGuckin today as he was putting up Part II of his holiday window display in Wellington -- a gay snowman -- and he said that if he gets a lot of negative feedback about the gingerbread Nazi display over the weekend, he may take it down. He says he doesn't understand the flap. You can listen to him in his own words in a video on the ct newsroom blog

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Loraine Ritchey said...

Whilst I concure with the artist's right to display his work. I am reminded that those same Nazis were hardly gingerbread men that straffed my grandmother as she hung her washing on the line or bombed my mother twice.

The very ideals that Nazis stood for were offensive to a civilized world. . That being said it was Elizabeth the 1st of "England" that came up with "ginger bread men" ....her sweet tooth and preference for sweet ginger caused her to have her bakers form the gingerbread into figures of her court. I am sure the artists work would not have been well received in Nazi Germany or Old England. Still if his intent was to shock and awe for the publicity and to get people talking and thinking he has succeeded hasn't he ...and just maybe that was the intent all along. Loraine Ritchey